At Zander Roth we provide design, development, and online consultation services globally. We have been perfecting our process since we began working together over a decade ago. Our work flow has been built-upon, reworked, and updated into our current process. We provide a unique experience for each client based on their current needs and future plans.

Below we’ve outlined a few basic steps included in our process. You’ll see that each area of focus leaves room for definition which is where you and your project come in. We are excited to show you what we can do for you.

While it’s particular to the size of the project, our process often includes the following steps:ConnectingConsultingPlanningProductionTrainingSupport

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Get In Touch!

Let’s get started with a chat. Because 99% of our clients are out-of-state, we’ve gotten pretty good at using the phone. Use our contact form to reach us. We will review your inquiry and schedule a call. During the chat we will…

  • Hear a little more about your project goals.
  • Go over our background in greater detail.
  • Answer any general questions you may have.
  • Explain our approach in greater detail.
  • Go over our general process and pricing.
  • Start the project on the same page, with good communication.

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The Details

Whether you’re beginning a new project, due for a full overhaul of your website, or are a large business with a new marketing effort, our communication process strengthens and simplifies the entire scope of your project. Each project has unique details that need to be considered independently. For example your project may require…

  • Brand and identity design focused towards streamlined developmental integration.
  • Search engine optimization and marketing.
  • Informational design strategy and content flow.
  • User interface (UI) wireframes.
  • Advanced mobile-responsive design, development, and functionality.
  • Innovative approaches to simplify maintaining your project.
  • E-commerce integration built to the right scale.
  • Project training courses for your team.
  • Continued support.
  • Proactive online security measures.

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Our planning process allows us to work internally on the conceptional flow of your project. This allows you to continue with your other daily tasks while we put the pieces together. Once we’ve got a plan in place that’s been reworked, optimized, and perfected it’s time to review and revise with you.

Each planning step has a built-in revision process. This allows your input to enhance the project as we move forward.

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Production is the core reason we work for clients. We love to produce great work. The steps up until this point along with the tools we use allow us to create extremely customized products that are optimized for performance. Some important things to know about our production process are…

  • We handle all production work ourselves. (We don’t outsource)
  • Our production methods are varied according to budget and project type. This allows us to work on a variety of projects at different levels.
  • We design and develop all web design work off-site. Your original website or blog stays working up until the migration process for your new site.

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We can teach! If you’ve got a complex project that requires your continued attention, you and your team will know how to use what we made for you. We’ve taught past clients with a variety of levels of understanding and have yet to have a client that can’t use what we made. Our teaching process includes…

  • Steps to assist in understanding general concepts and flow of your project.
  • Streaming or downloadable videos custom made for you that explain how to work with/update your website or blog.
  • Ongoing assistance through our client-only support system.
  • In the event that you’re struggling with something on your end we have the capability of doing real-time screen sharing to further assist.

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Many projects we work on benefit from ongoing maintenance and upgrades. We offer continuing support and consultation services to all of our clients on a monthly basis based on individual needs.

We handle all support related requests through our enterprise-level support system offered exclusively to our client list.